Bugsy Malone auditions will be held April 7 at 2pm at Madison Children's Theatre. Call-backs for the lead roles will be the following weekend. We will be casting approximately 30 children, ages 5 through high school age. Everyone auditioning must sing a 1-3 minute song. Please bring the musical accompaniment on tape or cd, (music only). Those auditioning will also learn a simple dance, taught by our choreographer, Paul Appleman. Those old enough, will read material provided. I will be doing some Improv games with the younger children. Production dates are June 28, 29, 30 at 7:00pm, and June 29 and July 1 at 2:00pm, at BJ High School, with Dwayne Craft in charge of set building and Technical Production. Ticket prices are $8 general admission. For a more detailed description of the play, check out our web site,"". If you need more information, you can also call me at the theatre, 464-3331 or at home 772-7983.

Kate Janssen


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